2006 LA Dining Article for W&S

An article I wrote on the LA Dining scene (with wine) for Wine & Spirits.   LA restaurants W&S

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1 Response to 2006 LA Dining Article for W&S

  1. Cher Monsieur COMISKEY,


    My name is Cyrielle and I am French, my father is a winegrower in Beaujolais and I am working for the promotion of an alliance of small and independent estates in Beaujolais called TERROIRS ORIGINELS (www.terroirs-originels.com). This morning I red your article in Los Angeles Times and I would like to tell you thank you for your article! It’s really encouraging to read so positive and realistic article about our region which suffered a lot by the past but we never stopped believing in its potential… So I am glad to hear that Beaujolais is back in the US!

    In your article, you are referring to Lapierre and his “natural wine movement” and the “négociants” also but there is a lot of other growers in Beaujolais. A new generation of growers is coming, growers working in a organic way in their vines and growers making only estate grown wines (wines made with their own grapes).

    We are an alliance of small and independent growers called « Terroirs Originels » (fonded in 1997), created and managed by the growers themselves. We believe it is not possible to reduce our beautiful region by sacrificing our wines unique character and nuances into one style. Instead, we embrace the variety of our terroirs and the men who make the wine with. So, we would like to encourage you to discover the quality and the subtle diversity of expression of our two varietals: Gamay and Chardonnay, through our wines. They are 100% estate grown and bottled. Each offering a unique experience of terroir. While our winemakers are busy working in their vines and cellars, our small team including myself are working to promote their estates.

    Please let us know if you plan to come visit our beautiful wine country, it will be a pleasure to greet you ! Don’t hesitate to visit our website to read more information about us : Terroirs Originels and our trailer in English: http://vimeo.com/31329636

    And I have some questions as well:
    Are you tasting Beaujolais samples ? how often ? are you coming to France or should we send you the samples to the US ?

    Thank you for your answer and thanks again for your article.

    Best regards,

    Mille Merci!

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