I write about food, wine, spirits, music, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

I live in Los Angeles, the largest wine market in the country. I’m a Senior Contributor for Wine & Spirits Magazine, and am the critic for all domestic wines not from California. That means I write all the tasting notes for the wines of Washington, Oregon, New York State, and elsewhere. For Wine & Spirits I contribute articles on California, Oregon and Washington wine, winegrowing, and wine culture.

I am currently the chief wine columnist for the Los Angeles Times; I’ve written for the San Francisco Chronicle, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Executive Travel, Decanter, the Robb Report, the Hollywood Reporter, and zesterdaily.com.

My book American Rhône: How Maverick Winemakers Changed the Way Americans Drink was published in October, 2016. In 2017, the book was shortlisted for the Andre Simon Book Awards, and won the Gourmand Prize for Best New World Wine Book.

I’ve been a contributor to Food & Wine’s long-running wine guide, providing tasting notes and profiles. In 2016 I served as Development Editor for a book to be published in late 2017 called Wine & Place: A Terroir Reader, written by Tim Patterson and John Buechsenstein.

I get around. I’ve traveled extensively in all of the U.S. wine producing regions, as well as France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, and Australia. In a typical year I will taste more than 3,000 wines.

I’m a judge at several of the country’s wine competitions, including the San Francisco International, the Los Angeles International, Dallas Morning News, Concours Mondiale, and the Critic’s Challenge in San Diego, and in August, 2017, I will serve as chief American judge and contributor to the Six Nations Wine Challenge, held in Sydney, Australia. I teach wine classes at the UCLA Extension, and regularly moderate panels on viticulture and wine tasting, and the world’s wine regions.

More than anything, I’m interested in storytelling. I love wine, but I love it most because it is such a marvelous vector for stories.

contact: patrick dot comiskey at gee mail dot com


4 Responses to About

  1. Aileen says:

    Hi Patrick,
    Wanted to invite you to attend the Society of Wine Educators’ Annual Conference in San Mateo this summer (July 25-27). Could you send me a more direct email address, so I don’t have to clutter up your very impressive website? Many thanks, Aileen (have been in touch before, inviting you on various wine trips)

  2. Mike Beno says:

    Hi, Patrick,

    Mike Beno here, a many-years co-worker with Blanche. First off, how is Gene doing these days? Secondly, I am working on a magazine piece related to wine and I need a quote from a real pro. Could you send me your phone number? Or call me at 715 686-7515. Thanks from Woodtickland. Mike

  3. Patrick, are you still in Napa? I have a copy of Nose for you. If so call me or write to conawayjim@gmail.com.

  4. Patrick, sybil ajay here…how are you? i wanted to get in contact with you. What is your email? Hope all is well.

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